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Globaleris Pioneer & Prognoss

The quality of the human team

Who are we?

Software is nothing without the people who strive every day to improve it and make it really solve the problems of its users. At Globaleris we know your business, we listen to you and we constantly strive for excellence to help you achieve your goals.

Our mission

To offer differential and innovative software solutions to energy marketers to achieve excellence in the management of their business processes, facilitating their success in the market thanks to the achievement of efficiencies and better decision making.

Nuestra misión

Globaleris Pioneer & Prognoss

People working for people




Use of the most advanced technologies, methodologies and processes that constantly reinforce our differential solutions.



Team of expert professionals with great capacity and attention to achieve excellence in all areas of action.



Close, personalised attention adapted to the needs of each client.



Co-operate both internally and externally with our clients to ensure the successful achievement of objectives.



We believe in the richness of uneven profiles and skills and in the strength that comes from bringing them together.



Our solutions help to save resources and energy efficiency, taking care of people and the environment.

Globaleris Pioneer & Prognoss

The heart of Globaleris


Globaleris is made up of a multidisciplinary and international team of experts in technology and in the gas and electricity business, with more than 20 years of experience in leading clients in the industry.

Globaleris Pioneer & Prognoss

Power and reliability




We work with a first-class PaaS architecture for unlimited scalability and professional infrastructure maintenance.



Globaleris software has the ability to standardize and simplify integration processes with third-party systems.



It also automates any type of activity within the platform, both those that are programmable and those that are parameterized in response to a specific event.



Globaleris allows you to encapsulate the specific logic of each business (by customer, by country, by type of invoice, etc.).



Powerful analytical solutions that enable the creation of reports for the conversion of data into knowledge, improving decision making.

Globaleris Pioneer & Prognoss

We are here to help you

Past, present and future

Globaleris is an initiative of NTT DATA Spain, which was born from the experience of its consultants in numerous projects in the field of commercial and operational management in different energy traders. NTT DATA Spain belongs to the NTT DATA Group, one of the world leaders in the provision of technological services.

Several factors converge in the birth and development of Globaleris. On the one hand, the problem, still persistent, in relation to support systems for the operation and expansion of the energy business, and on the other hand, the change of paradigm in current business models – including consultancy -, increasingly oriented towards the provision of consumable services here and now, to the detriment of large on-site implementation projects for a single actor.

In accordance with this, and backed by our experience both in the world of technological development and in the knowledge of the energy business, we are committed to a different approach to a customer demanding flexibility and self-service. This is how we develop our products for gas and electricity, always guaranteeing regulatory compliance in a sector shaken by continuous regulatory changes.

Our future is linked to the development of new tools that help established marketers to achieve their objectives through operational efficiency, saving time and costs. Advances in digitalization will also improve information for decision-making and increase competitiveness, favouring the scaling of the energy business and the entry of new players, democratizing access to the energy business.

Pasado, presente y futuro