A straightforward, user-
friendly solution

for integrated gas
business management

Adaptación regulatoria

Born to be

Gas-centric solutions. Globaleris has been designed for gas retail processes and it can be customized for each company.

Expansión internacional

Ready to

Quick configuration and implementation. Fully adapted and available to start operating in less than a month.


Our solution is based on an open platform, ready to be adjusted to the specific needs of each business, and integrated into Globaleris with other existing solutions.

Limitación de la inversión

Reduction of investment needs

The license, support and evolution are included in a single monthly fee, minimizing investment costs and adapting recurring ones to the company’s business volume.


Globaleris is an entrepreneurship initiative from everis -an NTT DATA company-, created with the aim of offering digital integrated solutions for gas business processes.

Making the most of everis’ extensive experience in IT transformation projects and know-how in the natural gas business, Globaleris launched a simple and flexible Gas-centric solution.

Globaleris relies on an experienced development team, as well as on a gas expert panel, to guarantee optimum results in our solutions. This, along with the strategic potential of NTT DATA group, makes Globaleris a reliable choice.

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