Gas Logistics and Balance Management by everis

Globaleris (Gas Logistics and Balance Management by everis) is a cloud solution designed to provide full support to the main business processes of a retailer’s gas logistics department.

The Spanish gas market is currently facing some important regulatory changes due to European Network Codes adoption, which causes gas back-office operations to become more and more complex (e.g., gas imbalance management, hourly renomination process, integration with organised gas markets, conciliation processes with TSO, etc.).

Globaleris offers a simple and straight-forward solution to manage the retailer logistics, no matter the next regulatory development, making it easier for businesses to optimise their gas operations, and letting them focus on their commercial strategies.

This solution is an important milestone for the positioning of everis in the European gas markets, where the company has been taking an increasingly relevant role in recent years.

Limitación de la inversión

Reduction of
investment needs

As a cloud solution, Globaleris reduces the investment cost (SW and HW), allowing the business to have a fully functional solution from the very first day of the service.

Modular solution

Globaleris is based on an open platform, ready to be adapted to the specific needs of each business:

  • Integration with existing solutions of the retailer
  • Expansion of standard capabilities
  • Development of ad-hoc functionalities
Adaptación regulatoria

Regulatory compliance

everis accepts the challenge to maintain its functionality to ensure regulatory compliance for the coming years.

Expansión internacional

International expansion

Even though Globaleris is the result of everis expertise in the Spanish market, there is an ambitious roadmap to be tailored for a growing number of markets of the European Energy Union.

Key Benefits
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  • capacidad

    Capacity Contracts

    Globaleris lets the user manage an up-to-date capacity contracts portfolio, giving also an accurate vision of the TPA costs related to the company gas logistics operations.

    It is important to point out that this module needs to be aligned with NC Balancing new capacity platforms. This allows the incorporation of standard capacity products and services management.

  • demanda


    Globaleris offers an Excel template to let the user upload updated projections of the customers’ behaviour over different time scales.

    Custom interfaces could be developed to meet automatic synchronization needs with third party forecasting solutions.

  • splg


    This is a comparison of both the retailer’s information and the one produced by the TSO regarding allocation and balance data.

    As mentioned on Capacity Contracts module, these features must be fully aware of NC Balancing adoptions.

  • balance-de-gas

    Gas Balancing

    This core module is responsible for collecting data from different sources to compile the company’s gas balance.
    The information is divided into three different scenes:

    · PVB, the Spanish Virtual Balance Point
    · Underground Storage
    · and LNG Facilities

    One of the key features of Globaleris is the capability to create different simulated scenarios across the whole gas network. This lets the user consider their options for gas supply and capacity contract optimisation.

    Globaleris also provides a simple dashboard to summarise the company’s position (stocks, capacity, costs, etc.), supporting a decision-making processes.

  • programacion

    Schedules & Nominations

    Finally, Globaleris must be able to send the intended use of the transmission infrastructure at different time horizons to the TSO.


everis an NTT Data Company

is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services.

everis is part of the NTT DATA Group, one of the world’s largest IT services companies, present in 41 countries and with a team of over 76,000 professionals.

everis develops its activities, amongst others, in the Utilities & Energy sector, being one of the key players in the Spanish energy market, working with clients from both a functional perspective and a technical one, offering IT solutions to support business operations.

During the last few years, everis is undertaking a determined commitment to provide an innovative service portfolio for energy management operations in the Spanish market. It involves some of the biggest transformation projects in the industry, while helping its customers meet the new European regulation.

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